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First Evolution Dual Play Roulette streaming from the USA, live from Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City

The Dual Play installation will be Evolution's first outside of Europe, its first installation in the United States, and also the first Evolution Dual Play table to feature American (double-zero) Roulette. Resorts Casino Hotel, a Mohegan Sun Property, is a luxury ocean view gaming destination offering the best in casino games, online casino and entertainment on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Resorts Casino Hotel made history as the first American casino outside of Nevada and celebrate a major milestone this May – their 40th anniversary.  Resorts' new Evolution Dual Play table will be a five-camera installation with a customized rig and large screens designed to create a buzz around what will be a unique on-the-gaming-floor attraction. The rig-mounted screens will feature the live-streamed game feed from the table and promotional messaging designed to engage with visiting patrons. The Dual Play table is scheduled to go live in Q3 and will be made available as a B2B service to Evolution's network of European licensees. Players of participating Evolution licensees will be able to play at the Resorts Casino's Dual Play American Roulette table from virtually anywhere in the world on desktop, tablet or smartphone — playing alongside on-premise players in the same games at the same Resorts table. James Stern, Director of Business Development & Land-based Sales at Evolution, said: "This is a landmark installation for Evolution, which gives online players across Europe the chance to experience the thrill of playing live at a pioneering Atlantic City casino." Mark Giannantonio, President and CEO of Resorts Casino Hotel commented: "I am delighted that Resorts will be working with the market leader in Dual Play tables. Evolution Gaming has a reputation for providing the very best Live Casino and Dual Play solutions which is second to none. I believe that Dual Play will be a key attraction on our casino floor and a great way to expand our gaming product. Evolution also has an enviable track record in attracting and retaining Europe's leading operators, which will allow players to enjoy the experience of playing online at a real live American Roulette table here at Resorts." For more information about Resorts, please visit . To access Resorts' online casino, please visit .

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